Flaming Signal, The

2371. THE FLAMING SIGNAL (1932-usA). With FLASH (the dog), JOHN HORSLEY, MARCELIne day, noah beery, henry b. walthall, mischa auer. Intrepid army airman Lt. Jim Robbins is set to fly solo to Hawaii in “Spirit Of 76,” His ever-reliable monoplane. He is unable to take along Flash, his faithful and super-bright German shepherd. Flash is hurt because of this, but he is no passive pooch. He cleverly manages to become a stowaway on board the “Spirit,” As the plane speeds toward its destination, bad storms are reported In the area. “The Spirit” eventually is forced down and crash-lands on an obscure island located just south of Hawaii. Jim is aided by a beautiful missionary’s daughter (who when first seen is bathing in the near-altogether in a picÂturesque pond). He becomes smitten with her, and abhors the thought of ever having to leave this paradise. However, the island quickly proves to be as dangerous as it is idyllic. A sniveling and lecherous trader named Otto Von Krantz has been stirring up trouble among the natives. He feeds the young men alcohol and at one point molests one of the women. It is at this juncture that the natives become restlessÑ too restless for any white person who has the misfortune to be on the island. Over and over, it is Flash to the rescue in this exciting and exotic action-adventure. You know what kind of film this is going to be when the dog gets top billing and wears a mask and a parachute! 60 minutes. Drama