Flash Gordon; Rocket Ship

550. FLASH GORDON (ROCKET SHIP) (1935-usa). WITH Larry ÒBusterÓ Crabbe, Jean Rogers, CHARLES MIDDLETON, PRISCILLA LAWSON, FRANK SULLIVAN. A feature made from the 13 episode 1936 serial (the first “Flash Gordon”serial). The complete story abridged to eliminate individual episode titles, cliff-hangers and plot recapitulations. Flash, Zarkov and Dale travel through space to the planet Mongo to prevent Ming the Merciless from destroying the Earth. Flash enlists the aid of King Hum and his Lion Men, and fights the dragon-like “Gocko,Ó Prince Barin of the Forest People and King Vultan of the Hawk Men join Flash fighting Ming. Amazing science fiction at a time when the largest rocket was still firecracker-sized, and television was a laboratory curiosity. A prophetic and exciting space-opera. 69 minutes. Serial