Flesh Merchant, The; Wild And Wicked, The

2420. THE WILD and WICKED (The Flesh Merchant) (1958-USA). This “nudie” feature is one great big tease of a film that also is loaded with more than a few unintentional chuckles, it tells the story of a sexy young thing named Nancy, who one day arrives in Hollywood to join her sister Paula, whom she thinks is a successful fashion model. “I’m here to stay,” Nancy announces. “I thought I’d try my luck.” When Paula advises that she return home immediately, Nancy obstinately declares, “I’m not a child anymore. Twenty-two’s no adolescent.” What Nancy does not realize is that Paula’s “business” is anything but legitimate. The fact is that she is a hooker who is at the beck and call of her pimp. Nancy will not listen when Paula describes her life in Tinseltown as “a sham, a lie, a delusion.” The following morning, Big Sister drops off Little Sister at the bus depot so that she may return home. Instead, Nancy promptly hails a cab. Her destination is the “Antoine School Of Art,” where she is hired as a nude model. Next, she finds herself toiling at a swanky for-men-only resort where she is expected to “cooperate” with all the paying customers. Nancy now has become immersed in a world of “sex, liquor and degradation.” Will there be any way out? 58 minutes. Drama