Florida Enchantment, A

A FLORIDA ENCHANTMENT (1914-USA). With SIDNEY DREW (who also produced and directed), EDITH STOREY. A portrait of manners and morals before the first war, the film was actually shot in Florida and used the newly popular five reel length. Surprisingly well acted (although not that surprisingly, Sidney Drew was related to the famous Barrymores of the stage) the story deals with “magic seeds* that can change men into women and women into men (without changing the appearance)! Perhaps not an original idea, but this was thirty-five years before “Glen or Glenda.Ó The situations, gestures and motivations will seem as “modern” today as they were over eighty years ago! A revealing film for those who picture film comedy at this time as being as unsophisticated as Fatty Arbuckle, as uncouth as Charlie Chaplin. “Silent” film with original organ score. 64 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Comedy