Flustered Comedy Of Leon Errol, The

1. BEWARE OF REDHEADS (1945-USA). With LEON ERROL, DOROTHY GRANGER. Leon Errol was the star of countless funny comic shorts. He is in top form in this cleverly plotted delight. It opens with Leon hung over after an evening of serious nightclubbing. He has no memory of meeting a redhead named Gloria, who has just paid a visit. Poor Leon’s troubles are only starting as his perpetually jealous wife, Dorothy arrives on the scene and asks some hard questions about a mysterious ladies’ compact she has just found in his clothes pocket. NOTE: This film also appears as cat. #2887. 2. SWEET CHEAT (1949-USA). With LEON ERROL, DOROTHY GRANGER, VINCE BARNETT. Leon and wife Dorothy are squabbling again. She is angry over his most recent trip to Buffalo, where she thinks he has a girlfriend. A scenario involving comical deception is set into motion when Leon’s boss insists he travel to you-know- where on business. NOTE: This film also appears as cat. #2087. 3. SCRAMBLED EGGS (1930-USA). This fascinating early “talkie” musical comedy is crammed with scantily clad cuties and fast-talking vaudeville comics. The latter enact the roles of fairy story characters whose conversation is not meant for the ears of youngsters! (Leon Errol doesn’t appear, but this comedy was too good to ignore!) 4. MAID TROUBLE (1945-USA). With LEON ERROL, DOROTHY GRANGER. Leon is certain that his latest business scheme is a sure thing. He invites his important new business contact home to dinner. The fun begins when wife Dorothy informs him that the maid has quit to salvage the situation, Mrs. Errol is recruited to play servant. Leon’s slapstick high jinks outside his apartment window are a comic highlight. 60 minutes total. Comedy