Flustered Comedy Of Leon Errol, The

1488. THE FLUSTERED COMEDY Of LEON ERROL (1939-1941-usa). Vaudeville and burlesque veteran Leon Errol starred in about a hundred two reelers from the early 1910s until his death in 1950s. The popular comedian was cast as a bumbling, fumbling fool, who’d usually find himself in the hottest Of water with his wife. Here are a trio Of typically amusing Errol efforts.
1. CRIME RAVE (1939-USA). With LEON ERROL, VIVIAN TOB1N. This comedy quickie serves as an introduction to Errol’s brand Of humor. He’s cast as a boob who willingly Offers his opinion on even subjectÑyet he can hardly pronounce any word longer than three syllables. When he’s not abusing the English language, Leon is either walking into walls or being put down by a talking bird. The scenario: a crime wave has hit the small town Of Middlevale. As the action unfolds, various long-lost relatives and criminal elements disrupt poor Leon’s life. A young FRANK FAYLEN-if you don’t know the name, you’ll certainly recognize the faceÑappears as one Of the crooks.
2. MAN-I-CURED (1941 -USA). With LEON ERROL, DOROTHY GRAINGER. Leon is cast as a fussy, bluster rich man with a history Of cheating on his wife. His nephew becomes engaged to a pretty manicurist, whom Leon promptly mistakes for one Of his previous extramarital flings. She, in turn, is set to wed the dumbest Of house detectives, with whom Leon helplessly and comically tangles.
3. A PANIC IN THE PARLOR (1941-USA). With LEON ERROL, VIRGINIA VALE. Leon’s been sent to business convention in Seattle, but has somehow ended up in Mexico-where he’s had the grandest Of times. Now, he must return to reality-and the wrath Of his boss, and his wife. There’s no shortage Of laugh as they attempt to get back at Leon for his south-Of-the-border sojourn. 56 minutes total. Comedy