Fog Island

2092. FOG ISLAND (1945-USA). WITH lionel atwill, jerome cowan, george zucco, VEDA ANN BORG. The setting of this hair-raising suspensor is the title island. The scenario’s focus is on Leo Grainger, a once prosperous businessman whose financial empire has crumbled. His variÂous investors and employees, who had expected to reap great monetary rewards out of Grainger’s enterprise, have accused him of embezzlement. As a result he ended up rotting away in jail for five years, during which time his beloved wife was murdered. Grainger has been released from the peniÂtentiary and is hiding out in a mansion on the island, awaiting just the right moment to seek what he calls “retribution.” That time has now arrived. Grainger summons his accusers for a weekend visit, and that’s when the scares begin. They greedily accept their host’s invitation because they suspect that Grainger has stashed away his fortune somewhere in his mansion. What they find is an abode filled with booby traps and secret passageways, and much in which to be frightened. 69 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense