Ford Startime

170. FORD STARTIME (January 5, 1960-USA). NBC-TV. “The Man” with AUDIE MURPHY, THELMA RITTER. Produced by ROBERT NORTHSHIELD. Live TV thriller about a quiet man who comes to town looking for the mother of his old army buddy. Using believable as well as improbable lies to enter her home, fhe quickly proves impossible to get rid of…in fact we begin to suspect he may even be homicidal! This is a finely honed psychological portrait of the madness that lies deep within us. The tempo of the story finally builds to a gripping climax. The ample rehearsal time, the surprisingly large number of sets, and the professional calibre of Audie Murphy’s and Thelma Ritter’s performances all make for the highest quality TV drama. Well done! 50 minutes. Television-Drama