Front Page, The

885. THE FRONT PAGE (T93I-USA). WITH Adolphe Menjou, pat OÕBrien, mary brian, edward EVERETT HORTON, WALTER CATLETT, GEORGE STONE, MAE CLARK, SLIM SUMMERVILL FRANK mchugh. Directed by LEWIS MILESTONE, written by BEN HECHT and CHARLES macarthur. The classic newspaper yarn to end all newspaper yarns. A fast paced, dizzy portrait Of Depression journalism. The story itself is inspired lunacy. Hildy Johnson Of the Morning Post is quitting to get married, but not if editor Walter Burns has anything to say about it! Meanwhile, Earl Williams, convicted killer about to be hung, escaped, because Pinky, the bungling sheriff, loaned him his gun! Williams surrenders to Hildy, who hides him in a roll-top desk, where he remains while the swirl Of tobacco-juice squirting reporters, politicians, police, girlfriends, mothers-Of-girl friends, and many more yell, argue and wisecrack around the room. Using very few sets, and small ones at that. Milestone’s constantly moving camera avoids claustrophobia and maintains the hectic pace. Superbly attired Adolphe Menjou was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as the conniving editor, but the real stars are the reporters who clutter the prison’s press room, playing poke arguing, playing practical jokes and now and then, phoning in the story. The tale is one Of human nature from a bygone era, but as human nature itself remains constant, so does the appeal Of the story. There will probably always be another remake Of “The Front Page”, but this is the original. Accept no substitutes! 101 minutes. Comedy