Fury Of Hercules, The

2897. THE FURY OF HERCULES (1962-Italy-France). With BRAD HARRIS. Hercules of Thebes, the son of Zeus, is a man of legendary courage and strength. With ease, he can halt the path of a falling stone block which fifty slaves can barely move an inch. As this rousing period epic begins, our stouthearted hero has travelled far from home, to a once- friendly land he has not visited in many years. Upon his arrival he learns that much has changed. The country’s kind-hearted king has long been dead. In his place rules his daughter, whom Hercules has not seen since she was a youngster. However, this now-voluptuous lass is a child no more and she clearly and explicitly makes known to Hercules her romantic interest in him. In order to secure her city from outside dangers, the queen has ordered construction of a stone wall that will surround the metropolis. Her purpose is to transform it into an impenetrable fortress. At the same time, she is unaware that her most dangerous enemies just may be plotting her demise from within. A pair of fanatics attempt to murderously disrupt a celebration commissioned by the queen in Hercules’ honor. “I have long-known that I have enemies, but I didn’t know that they would go this far,” the Queen tells her guest. Hercules may be a “terrifying opponent for anyone,” but the foes he is destined to face are most formidable in this action-packed thrill-a-minute adventure. Caution: this is a black and white print of a film originally released in color. Dubbed in English. 96 minutes. Sword and Sandal