Gangs, INC; Paper Bullets; Crime, INC

2761. GANGS, INC. (Paper Bullets) (Crime, Inc.) (1941-USA). With ALAN LADD, JOAN WOODBURY, JACK La RUE, JOHN ARCHER. Rita Adams is a hard-luck girl who is the product of a harsh childhood. Her father was a jailbird and stool pigeon, and he was gunned down by the mob before her very eyes, Even though she is innocent of any crime, her family background impacts on her life as she is fired from her job in a factory. Her situation has forced her into making lame excuses for the behavior of Harold De Witt, her wealthy boyfriend. Harold is a playboy and a lush who is involved one evening in a hit-and-run accident in which a pedestrian is killed. Harold is able to use his family connections to avoid prosecution. He manipulates the vulnerable Rita into accepting responsibility for the accident, promising that she will end up on probation or with a suspended sentence. Instead, our luckless heroine finds herself sentenced to a one-to-five year stretch in jail. The manner in which Rita responds to this treachery forms the crux of this fast-paced crime drama involving political chicanery and gangsterism. Also playing key roles in the scenario are two of Rila’s old friends from the orphanage: Bob Elliot, an ambitious and scrupulously honest young man who has become an engineer (and is a more appropriate romantic partner for Rita); and Mickey Roma, a tough guy whose loyalty to Rila does not obscure the fact that he is a racketeer. Twenty-eight minutes into the film, a young actor makes his first appearance on screen as a good guy who has gone undercover and ingratiated himself into Roma’s gang. He is none other than Alan Ladd. After watching him here, you will know why he soon was to become one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars. 69 minutes. Drama