Garden Of Eden

2610. GARDEN OF EDEN (1954-USA) COLOR. With MICKEY KNOX, R.G. ARMSTRONG. Back in 1954, if you were to take your vacation at the Lake Como Club in Florida, you certainly would not have needed to bring a bathing suit. That is because the club catered to those who preferred frolicking in the sun sans clothing. This bright and jovial film, which serves to spotlight the joys of nudism, was shot on location at the Lake Como Club. Its heroine is Susan Lattimore, a widow whose husband died in the war. She and her six-year-old daughter Joan have been living with her grouchy father-in-law, who has been browbeating her ever since his son’s death. Susan yearns for independence, After securing a job in Miami, she packs up her child and heads south. After her car breaks down, an affable young fellow named John Patterson comes to her assistance. He offers to take Susan and Joan to the Garden of Eden, where he lives. Little does Susan know that the Garden of Eden is a nudist club. While Joan fits right in, Susan at first is put off by her surroundings. However, she soon dreams of removing her clothes and experiencing the liberating effects of nudism. How long will it take for her to translate that dream into reality? What will happen when her father-in-law tracks her to the club? Lots of skin is on display here, with the club members sunbathing and swimming, water skiing and lounging around in beach chairs. Of course, they also play volleyball! Nudism is depicted as being as wholesome as mom’s apple pieÑand who is to say that it isn’t! If after watching the film you remain unconvinced of this, just remember that it was “produced with the approval of the American Sunbathing Association and supervised by its executive director, Norval E. Packwood.” 67 minutes. Nudism