Gaslight Follies

2903. GASLIGHT FOLLIES (1945-USA). With MARIE DRESSLER, WILLIAM S. HART, MACK SENNETT, HENRY B. WALTHALL, LILLIAN GISH, MAE MURRAY, MABEL NORMAND, WALLACE REID, JOHN GILBERT, LAURA LA PLANTE, RUDOLPH VALENTINO, FATTY ARBUCKLE, LEATRICE JOY, GEORGE ARLISS, COLLEEN MOORE, RONALD COLMAN, BLANCHE SWEET, LON CHANEY, CLARA BOW, DOLORES DEL RIO, EDDIE CANTOR, MARION DAVIES, HAROLD LLOYD, CHARLIE CHAPLIN, POLA NEGRI, TOM MIX, LIONEL BARRYMORE, MARY PICKFORD, DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, WILL ROGERS, FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT, TEDDY ROOSEVELT, D.W. GRIFFITH, BARNEY OLDFIELD, WOODROW WILSON, BABE RUTH, JACKIE COOGAN and many others. Narrated by BEN GRAUER, MILTON CROSS. This entrancing compilation film paints a vivid portrait of “a world that is no moreÑa world of fantasy…peopled with faces that you will find etched in your heart.” What faces they are! You will see clips of scores of legendary silent-era movie stars. They only begin with views of two-gun William S. Hart and a goateed Rudolph Valentino, “America’s Sweetheart” Mary Pickford to “America’s Strongheart” Douglas Fairbanks. Then there is some outstanding early newsreel foolage, from Teddy Roosevelt in Cuba addressing his Rough Riders to Barney Oldfield demonstrating a speedy new car and Babe Ruth posing with child movie star Jackie Coogan. Some of this footage is whimsical: for example, there is a highly amusing 1901 fashion show! Some of it is deadly serious: the scenes of the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire are nothing short of chilling. The film concludes with brief filmed productions of “The Drunkard” and “East Lynne,” a pair of gloriously corny classic American plays. 68 minutes. Documentary