General Electric Theater, TV Readers Digest, The

2540. THE GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATRE/TV READER’S DIGEST (January 30, 1955/ November 7, 1955). CBS/ABC-TV nets. Two dramas, live and filmed from a pivotal year in the history of television.
1. THE GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATRE (January 30, 1955) CBS-TV net. Sponsored by General Electric. “Big Shot” with JOHNNIE RAY, NANCY GATES, RONALD REAGAN (host), DON HERBERT (commercial spokesman). Johnnie portrays Johnny Pulaski going to New York to audition for a record company. Johnnie comes off well as an actor, and even slips a song or two into the story.
2. TV READER’S DIGEST (November 7, 1955) ABC-TV net. Sponsored by Studebaker-Packard. “The Brainwashing Of John Hayes,” with VINCENT PRICE. A drama based on the actual torture of an American missionary in communist China. 59 minutes total. TV Drama