Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Moster

991. GHIDRAH, THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER (1965-Japan). Color. With ZILLA, RODAN, MOTHRA, and introducing GHIDRA. An all-star monster cast is assembled for the first in the ultimate Japanese horror film. Ghidrah, a hideous flying creature whose three serpent heads belch for lightning bolts, lands on Earth and wreaks havoc and destruction wherever it rampages. And, as if that werenÕt enough, the helpless citizens are already trying to contend with the triumphant return of two dreaded enemies from the past: Godzilla, a dinosaur-like monster, and Rodan, a deadly flying reptile. In an incredible plot twist the only hope for the human race is for the gigantic insect Mothra to talk Godzilla and Rodan into protecting Earth and fighting Ghidrah. Mothra (actually Mothra, Jr., still just a caterpillar) has great powers of persuaion and emits a cocoon silk that envelops his foes. Still. Godzilla and Rodan refuseÑthey’re content spending their time battling each other, and besides, they never particularly cared much for mankind. But in the end, they join Mothra in a spectacular fight to the death with Ghidrah, Elaborate special effects, cleverly photograph monster clashes, and a tongue-in-cheek altitude make this one of the most enjoyable movies of its kind. Dubbed into English. 86 minutes. Science Fiction