Ghost Train, The

2387. THE GHOST TRAIN (1941-England). With ARTHUR ASKEY, KATHLEEN HARRISON. One dark and stormy night, a group Of railway passengers find themselves stranded at the Fal Vale train station in Cornwall. They are a diverse lot, running the gamut from a fussy old lady to a young couple about to be married. Last among them is Tommy Gander (amusingly played by British music hall-style comedian Arthur Askey), a boorish entertainer on his way to fulfill an engagement. Resulting from Gander’s ineptitude, the passengers have just missed their connecting train and will be stuck in Fal Vale for nine hours until the next one arrives. For this reason they are not a cheerful lot. Furthermore, nerves are on edge as England is newly at war with Nazi Germany. Fears become heightened when the stationmaster tells the group that the Fal Vale depot is haunted! To pass the time he spins a spooky tale involving a “ghost train” that speeds through the town in the darkest hours Of the night. It has no known starting point or destination. To cast one’s eyes upon this train means certain death! The laughs and chills come quickly and furiously as the scenario barrels forÂward and becomes a nifty comedy-thriller involving disappearing corpses, mysterious strangers and gun-running Nazi sympathizers. 78 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense