Ghosts Of Berkeley Square, The

953. THE GHOSTS Of BERKELEY SQUARE (1947-England). With Robert morley, felix AYLMER- Rollicking comedy about two charming ghosts – the spiritual remains Of two retired soldiers Of the early 18th century. The Colonel and the General, both delightful rogues, are planning a little mayhem for the good Of dear old England. The plan, in the best English tradition, goes awry and the General and Colonel find themselves ghosts, doomed to haunt their own house until visited by a reigning monarch. A summary Of the plot fails to convey the superb wit and humor Of the film, as the two ghosts conspire to obtain a regal visitor to free (hem from their haunting duties. Both Morley and Aylmer were later knighted by Queen Elizabeth lo become Sir Robert and Sir Felix. This gem Of cinematic wit demonstrates one Of their funniest services to the Crown. Recommended. 61 minutes. Comedy