Giant Gila Monster, The

2029. THE GIANT GILA MONSTER (1959-USA). Here is yet another in the long line of hopelessly hilarious 1950s horror flicks which you simply must not miss. It opens with a bunch of jive-talking, drag race-loving but otherwise happy and wholesome adolescents (atl of whom are played by actors you’ve never heard of) rendezvousing at the local malt shop. Two of their pals, Pat and Liz, are late in showing up. Little do these teens know that their friends have become the latest victims of the tide creature, an oversized lizard which stalks through a forest in search of its human victims. Hunky, moralizing garage mechanic Chace Winstead is the unofficial head of the group. He is a bit older than his cronies and keeps them and their raging hormones in line. Chace and the town sheriff are at first unable to determine Pat and Liz’s whereabouts. They are destined to learn an ominous truth: “There are still vast and virtually unexplored regions, bleak and desolate, where no human ever goes and no life is ever seenÉIt is in these lonely areas of impenetrable forest and dark shadows that the gila monster still lives. How large the dreaded Gila monster grows, no man can say.” Amid the mayhem, the young actor playing Chace gets to sing a couple of very forgettable rock ‘nÕ roll tunes. His name is Don Sullivan. His presence here did not result in his becoming next Bobby Rydell. 75 minutes. Horror