Giant Of Metropolis, The

2323. THE GIANT OF METROPOLIS (1961-Italy). Color. With Gordon Mitchell. The year is 20,000 B.C. The setting is the now-lost continent of Atlantis. The hero of this rousing science fiction tale ts Obro, a giant of a man who is possessed with great strength and courage. The valiant Obro goes up against the power of Metropolis, the city that is the hub of an advanced civilization ruled by the mad King Yotar. The scientists of Metropolis have been conducting experiments in nature which they hope will lead to their being able to create the perfect being who will enjoy eternal youth and triumph over death. However, this attempt to penetrate the secret and mystery of death and alter the natural order can only lead to destruction. Obro enters the city limits and seeks to warn the king and his people that they should not use their knowledge of science to defeat the ends of nature. What great danger will befall Obro along the way? Will he succeed in his quest? Or will nature end up exacting her revenge on Metropolis? Dubbed into English. 90 minutes Science Fiction