Gilded Cage, The

1910.THE GILDED CAGE (1954-England). With ALEX NICOL, VERONICA HURST, CLIFFORD EVAN5. Beefy Alex Nicol is well-cast in this diverting cat-and-mouse mystery-thriller. He plays Captain Steve Anderson, a United States Air Force security officer who arrives in London and hooks up with his brother, Harry, who also is in the military. Almost immediately, the captain finds himself immersed in his sibling’s mysterious, murky affairs. They involve a pair of very different women, variÂous unsavory gentlemen and, ultimately, a priceless painting. The latter is known as “The Gilded Cage,” and is described as a “national treasure.” It seems that the heavies of the story are scheming to smuggle it out of England. The intrigue begins before the end of our hero’s first day in town, who finds himself accidentally on the scene of a freshly committed murder. 78 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense