Girl In Room 20

2526. GIRL IN ROOM 20 (1947-USA). With SPENCER WILLIAMS (who also directed). In this colorful and entertaining story of a young woman’s attempt to realize her dream of becoming a singer, esteemed African-American actor/director Spencer Williams takes us to the tiny town of Perryville, Texas, to meet the Walker family and their friends. Lovely and talented Daisy Mae Walker is the focus of attention this afternoon. Soon, she will be boarding a train which will take her to New York City. Daisy Mae arrives in the big town and promptly-goes to the boarding-house where-she-is to-live,-only-to find that- it-has become a house of ill repute! Coming to her aid is her guardian angel, a taxi driver named Joe Phillips (played with charm and spirit by Williams). This sawy cabby has a daughter of his own, and so he is sympathetic to Daisy Mae’s plight. Before long, she is enjoying a budding career in show business. Will Joe be able to prevent Daisy Mae’s big city adventure from turning sour when she slips into a perilous trap as the unknowing victim of an immoral womanizer? 62 minutes. Drama