Girls In Chains

2046. GIRLS IN CHAINS (1943-USA). With ARLINE JUDGE, BARBARA PEPPER. Directed by EDGAR G. ULMER. This is the story of the dilemma of Helen Martin, an upright young, woman who holds a masters degree in psychology and savors her work as a schoolteacher. Helen’s no-good sister is married to all-powerful crime boss Johnny Moon. Moon is a crook and a killer. He holds politicians and the police in the palm of his hand. Moon’s reputation reflects on the innocent Helen. She is asked to resign from yet another job because of her brother-in-law’s character. She lands a job as “new teacher in charge of rehabilitation” at the County Correction School For Girls. The conditions in the school and treatment of its wards are appalling. This is not surprising as the facility is operated by one of Moon’s flunkies. As a result the inmates have become collectively hardened. They make up an enormous human time bomb, which is sure to explode at the least provocation. Helen’s honest efforts on their behalf are met with resistance by her superiors and the matrons (all of whom act like SS offiÂcers). Meanwhile, the situation is sure to heat up upon the arrival in the school of Riota Randall, a young woman whom Moon had callously dallied with and discarded. The film is loaded with surprisÂes, the first of which is found in the opening sequence. The thug driving Moon’s car is played by none other than SID (billed in the end credits as “Sidney”) MELTON, a familiar face from decades of TV sitcoms. Caution: The visual quality of this film is borderline. 70 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense