Glen Or Glenda

740. GLEN OR GLENDA (1953-USA). With BELA LUGOSI, LYLE TALBOT. Directed by ED WOOD. “In the making Of this film, which deals with a strange and curious subject, no punches have been pulled…no easy way out has been taken. Many Of the smaller parts are portrayed by persons who actually are, in real life, the character they portray on the screen. This is a picture Of stark realism taking no sides…but giving you the facts…and only the facts…as they are today…you are society… JUDGE YE NOT.” You’re not going to believe this picture! A serious study Of transvestism, the film today appears as a parody Of itself. With Bela Lugosi introducing the story in a shadowy room with a skeleton hanging from the mantelpiece, the efforts at exploitation seem ludicrous. Detailing sex change operations and fetishism, the story used to get across the message can work only with a less sophisticated audience than can be found today. But what is lost educationally, is more than gained entertainingly. Enjoy the sinister Lugosi character, with thunder and lightning crashing all around him telling the story Of Glen…or Glenda. Judge Ye Not! 64 minutes. Drama-Exploitation