Go For Broke

the Heroes Of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.” “Go For Broke!” was the all-or-nothing combat slogan Of one Of World War IIÕs most unusual fighting teams! The 442nd Regiment, comprised Of Nisei-loyal Americans Of Japanese ancestry-exhibits heroism far beyond the call Of duty, overcoming the Nazis as well as the extreme prejudice Of white Americans who cannot accept “Japs” on their side. One Of the bigots, a freshly minted lieutenant (Van JohnÂson), would prefer to be with a regiment Of fellow Texans, and deeply resents his assignment. He rides the Nisei hard in basic training, creating enormous hostilityÑbut also resulting in a highly disciplined fighting force that proves to be a major factor in the liberation Of Italy and France! By the time the 442nd actually joins up with the Tex Johnson feels more comfortable with the Nisei, whom he realizes are as American as anyone else. Written and directed by Robert Pirosh, who scripted the ciassic ÒBattleground” two years earlier, the film deals forthrightly with prejudice and continually refers to the relocation camps for Japanese-Americans in the U.S. It is, however, also a highly patriÂotic movieÑa stirring tribute to our melting-pot country, and to a regiment cited by President Truman “for outstandÂing accomplishments in combat. The gallantry and esprit de corps displayed by their Officers and men in bitter acÂtion against a formidable enemy exemplify the finest traditions Of the armed forces Of the United States!” 90 minutes. War Drama