928. GORILLA (1956-Sweden). COLOR. Filmed in the Belgian Congo. “This is Africa, continent Of contrasts, land Of wilderness and future, where the old world shakes bands with the new. Where the past generation and the present exist side by side.” This is the story Of a white hunter and a black native hunter. Together, they go deep into the bamboo forests to kill a giant gorilla that has ripped apart a native woman. It is also the conflict between Opaku the hunter and Donya, the witch doctor who still believes in the black magic Of his ancestor: On a lighter note, it is also the battle between the while hunter arid the beautiful blonde sent front Sweden to” photograph the jungle. But even more appealing are the breathtakingly beautiful scenes Of the jungle wildlife and natives. Authentically showing dances Of the Watusi, pygmies in the jungle, elephants on the rampage, snakes, rhinos and many other animals, the film uses the simple story as an excuse lo present the real beauties Of Africa. The 6’3″, 640 lb. giant gorilla that is finally tracked down and shot is typical Of the scale Of grandeur that is Africa. Dubbed in English. 73 minutes. Drama-Documentary