Guest In The House

1410. GUEST IN THE HOUSE (1944-usa). With anne baxter, ralph Bellamy, marie Mcdonald, MARGARET HAMILTON. Directed by JOHN BRAHM. German-born director John Brahm, who came to Hollywood in 1937 as an escapee from the Nazis, was an accomplished filmmaker whose virtues included a fine sense Of dramatic and visual flair. He reached the zenith Of his career in the 1940s with a series Of taut, atmospheric, Grade A melodramas. Guest in the House is among them, a gripping and mood-drenched late Of passion, delusion and jealousy. Academy Award-winner Anne Baxter is the title character, a strange, affected, highly manipulative young won She moves in with the family Of her betrothed (who also happens to be her psychiatrist). They share a house in where there’s laughter and love, but she promptly turns one happy group Of people inside outÑand, oddly enough, they are all helpless to stop her. Ralph Bellamy appears in a rare romantic role, as a commercial artist with a pretty wire (Ruth Warrick), and an even prettier artist’s model (Marie McDonald); the kettle really begins to boil over after BaxÂter decides she loves this attractive and spirited (though faithful) married man. Guest in the House is top-notch enÂtertainment, with a solid cast Of Hollywood regulars, some stunning cinematography, and a bright, evenly paced screenplay. 121 minutes. Drama