Guilt Is My Shadow

1928. GUILT IS MY SHADOW (1950-England). With PATRICK HOLT, ELIZABETH SELLARS. As the scenario of this tense, involving melodrama opens, a greedy, callous young hood named Jamie flees from the police after being involved in a London bank heist. He boards a train, which takes him to his uncle Kit Ferguson’s farm in scenic, rural Devon, Jamie has never met Kit, a quiet salt-of-the earth type who acts as if his privacy has been invaded, and the men share a mutual suspicion. The loutish Jamie, who brags, “I generally get what I want,” bides his time working at a gas station and flirting with one particular, attractive customer. However, Jamie is married, and tensions are certain to mount upon the arrival of Linda, his vulnerable wife. Jamie tells his uncle that their union “hasn’t been a great success,” and it is no wonder given the coarse manner in which he treats her. Kit and Linda quickly realize that they have much in common, beginning with a gentleness and love of nature. He has been living alone for too long while she has been unloved and ignored by her husband, and they appear to be an ideal match. What follows is a saga of smoldering passion, deceit further thievery…and killing. 87 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense