Happy Landing

2240. HAPPY LANDING (1934-usa). With ray walker, Jacqueline wells (Julie bishop), NOAH BEERY, WILLIAM FARNUM. Lieutenants Nick Terris and Pete Taylor spend their days flying single-engine prop planes as U.S. Border Patrol pilots. By night, they are clumsy and comical Casanovas competing for the romantic attentions of a “pretty little bundle of pep” who also happens to be the daughter of their colonel. This love object soon becomes their chief obsession, in between watching for forest fires and smugglers, Terris and Taylor commence playing merry pranks in a good-natured battle over their shared girlfriend. In the tradition of the great male buddy movies, this airborne adventure features plenty of action and good humor as the boys not only battle over the girl but go after a band of robbers who pirate a quarter million dollars from a cruise ship. Along the way the chief villain’s scheming causes Terris to resign from the border patrol in dishonor. It will not take long for Terris (with the able assistance of Taylor) to save his reputation and do in the bad guys. Oh, yes, as the story unfolds see if you can guess who will end up winning the girl. One final note: About four minutes into the film, there is a scene with Terris, Taylor and the colonel. Another actor is in it. He is a bit player who stands around and then has a dash of dialogue. We wouldn’t bet our mortgage on it, but we are awfully certain that this actor is ROBERT YOUNG! 63 minutes Aviation Drama