Harold Lloyd Silent Comedies Volume II

1. FROM HAND TO MOUTH (1920-USA). With HAROLD LLOYD, SNUB POLLARD. Harold does well in a Chaplinesque role: a sad-faced young fellow who is so hungry he is willing to eat a turnip and call it a turkey! Could it be love when our hero crosses paths with an heiress who is in danger of losing her fortune? Lloyd’s comical acrobatics astride a bicycle are nothing short of astounding.
2. GET OUT AND GET UNDER (T920-U5A). With HAROLD LLOYD. Harold really adores his new car. Nevertheless, just getting to drive it in one direction without it falling apart will be quite a challenge in this neatly devised slapstick.
3. WHY PICK ON ME? (1918-USA). With HAROLD LLOYD, SNUB POLLARD, BEBE DANIELS. Lloyd’s first appearance in this surfside comedy is a stunner. He is frolicking in the sand benealh the members of the Never-Swim Bathing Girl Club! They soon abandon him for more promising male company and he seeks solace with the companionship of a pretty damsel, leading to some manic mayhem.
4. JUST NEIGHBORS (1919-USA). With HAROLD LLOYD, SNUB POLLARD, BEBE DANIELS. Harold plays a young suburbanite who is distracted as he attempts to catch a train. He and Pollard are a perfect comic pair as they wait in line at the depot to purchase tickets. It turns out that they live side-by-side. As you will soon see, good fences do not necessarily make good neighbors!
5. STEP LIVELY (1918-USA). With HAROLD LLOYD, SNUB POLLARD, BEBE DANIELS. Snub is Bifly Bullion, a chap whose wealth matches his inclination for getting drunk. Contrast him to Harold, a sap who is booted out of his boarding house because he is five weeks behind in rent. Rich or poor, this duo is made for laughs (especially when they cross paths with a damsel-in-distress).
6. DONT SHOVE (1919-USA). With HAROLD LLOYD, BEBE DANIELS. It’s Bebe’s birthday and Harold’s having trouble wooing his lady love. A rival chases him off, where, after a misadventure, everyone winds up at the roller rink. Needless to say, the law of gravity is promptly repealed in one of Lloyd’s early comedies after developing his straw- hatted, horn-rimmed, bespectacled character. NOTE: This film also appears as cat. #967.
7. BUMPING INTO BROADWAY (1920-USA). With HAROLD LLOYD, SNUB POLLARD, BEBE DANIELS. Harold plays “The Boy.” He has come from Peoria to New York to try his luck as a playwright, yet is so inept that he comically catches his fingers in his typewriter! His rooming house neighbor is “The Girl,” a struggling actress. Both are about to be kicked out of their lodging for nonpayment of rent. What follows is a lightning-paced farce that is better seen than described. Pollard is a riot in his brief appearance as a musical comedy director. “Silent” films with music score. 94 minutes total. “Silent” Comedy