Haunted Castle, The

772. THE HAUNTED CASTLE (Schloss Vogelod) (1921-Germany). Directed by FRIEDRICH W. MURNAU. Strange things happen at the elegant country mansion of a nobleman entertaining guests for the hunt. Count Oestsch appears unexpectedly and uninvited, causing uneasiness with his strange actions. Thought to have murdered a mar four years previously, a terribly strained situation occurs when the Count ignores diplomatic suggestions that he leave before the arÂrival of the widow of the dead man. Subsequently, a Father Faramund arrives, an old friend of the widow. The Father disappears during the night and the strange Count is suspected of more foul deeds! Foul deeds, yes! But strange indeed is the surprising end of a truly gothic suspense film. One of the few surviving Murnau films (his most famous being “Nosferatu”; see cat, #530), a magnificently preserved print adds to the eerie depression commonly felt during the film. Ending on a note of irony, Murnau leaves us with the certainty that the darkest evil lies only within the hearts of our fellow man, Silent film with music score, titles in English and German, correct projection speed. 81 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Suspense Drama