He Walked By Night

713. HE WALKED BY NIGHT (1948-usa). WITH Richard Basehart, Scott Brady, Roy ROBERTS, JACK WEBB. “This is a true story. It is known to the police department of one of our largest cities as the most difficult homicide case in its experience. Principally because of the diabolical cleverness, intelligence and cunning of a completely unknown killerÉ the record is set down factually… as it happened. Only the names are changed…to protect the innocent.” A memorable performance by Basehart as a cold blooded killer on the loose in Los Angeles. The story is in a documentary style that would be immortalized later on TV on “Dragnet” (and don’t miss Jack Webb as the technician). Written to keep the viewer on edge, the story moves inexorably to its exciting conclusion. 79 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense