2381. HEARTACHES (1947-USA). WITH sheila ryan, edward norris, chill wills, frank ORTH, CHILI WILLIAMS. Dashing Vic Morton is a sensational new singing star Of the silver screen. Female hearts go all aflutter when he stares into the eyes Of pretty starlets and croons romantic lullaÂbies. However, Vic and those in his inner circle hide a potentially career destroying secret: he is a canary who cannot warble a note. His singing voice isn’t his but rather is dubbed by his long-time pal, a piano-playing “guy with a homely puss.” Hollywood certainly is a land Of make-believe! Notwithstanding, make-believe becomes harsh reality when our movie star heartthrob receives an anonymous letter threatening his life- Vic is not the most beloved guy in Tinseltown. He is quick-temÂpered, and any number Of people he has insulted might wish him dead. Things begin to get seriously scary when someone places real bullets into the prop gun being used on the set Of Vic’s latest picÂture. Those unsigned notes keep arriving in his mailbox, and it is not too long before the dead bodies begin falling like flies. The result is a nifty Hollywood whodunnit in which snoopy newspaperman Jimmy McDonald, boyfriend Of Vic’s hard-working publicist, sets out to solve the mystery. 69 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense