Heart’s Desire

482. HEART’S DESIRE (1935-England). With RICHARD TAUBER. During the early 1930’s, popular Austria-born operatic tenor Richard Tauber appeared in a number Of films produced in Germany. When Hitler came to power in 1933, the singer immediately left for England where he successfully continued his movie career. He Offers a winning performance in this musical delight, the scenario Of which is simple and appealing. Tauber stars as Josef Steidler, a likable, unassuming Viennese beer garden singer toilng in obscurity, whose talents are recognized by a famous impresario. He heads for London, and fame on the opera stage, but for this he must pay a price as he abandons his Austrian sweetheart. Stetdler’s emotions are sure to become tangled when he mixes among the stuffy British upper class, and begins thinking with his emotions rather than his intellect. The critic for “Variety,” the show business trade publication, couldn’t put it any better when he observed, Tauber never sang better, and has attractive melodies,” a number Of which were composed by the tenor himself. 79 minutes Musical