Held For Murder

2591. HELD FOR MURDER (Her Mad Night) (1932-USA). With CONWAY TEARLE, IRENE RICH, MARY CARLISLE. A glorious shipboard romance culminates in a marriage proposal for a woman with a dark past in this unforgettable romance-crime melodrama. Aboard a luxurious ocean liner, lovely Joan Manners is courted by the man of her dreams. He is Steven Kennedy, a prominent New York City lawyer who is honorable, wealthy and very much in love with her. After their ship docks in Manhattan, Joan and Steven’s nights should offer moonlight and roses. Instead, they are filled with heartache and danger as Joan learns that Steven is the best friend of her longtime clandestine lover Schuyler Durkin. Schuyler is contemplating blackmailing Joan with a damaging love letter she sent him. Should Joan reveal her sullied past to Steven and risk her future happiness as his wife, or should she take action to retrieve the letter from Schuyler’s apartment? To complicate matters further, Schuyler has been trifling with Steven’s young ward Connie while Steven was away. It turns out that Connie enjoys playing the role of vamp. She is a teenaged blonde bombshell who has collected the keys to the apartments of many of New York’s most eligible bachelors. As this riveting account unfolds, the dire actions of these four people will turn romance into calamity as Schuyler’s blackmailing intentions result in a much more deadly crime. 89 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense