Hell Town; Born To The West

3038. HELL TOWN (Born To The West) (1937-usA). With JOHN WAYNE, MARSHA HUNT, JOHN MACK BROWN, MONTE BLUE, LUCtEN LITTLEFIELD. Based on a novel by ZANE GREY. John Wayne rides tall in the saddle in this solid, action-packed western. He plays Dare Rudd, who with his sidekick Dinkey Hooley is first seen riding to Wyoming. Dare is a fun-loving, poker-playing drifter who has not found his place in the world. His father is hoping that he will learn the cattle business from his cousin Tom Fillmore, the most successful banker and cattleman in his county. As Dare and Dink approach their destination, they ride right into a furious gun battle between Tom’s cowpunchers and the emissaries of cattle rustler Bart Hammond. After the dust settles, Tom offers to put Dare to work. However, Dare would much rather continue his drifting ways. That is, until he sets his eyes on pretty Judy Worstall. Dare finds himself afflicted with a severe case of love-at-first-sight and decides to hang around and work for his cousin. He seems unfazed by the fact that Judy just so happens to be Tom’s girl! Meanwhile, Hammond attempts to entice Dare and Dink to his cause via the lure of easy money. When this does not work, he tries other more sinister means. Then the plot thickens… See if you can spot an unbilled appearance by newcomer Alan Ladd! 56 minutes. Western