Hercules And The Princess Of Troy

3002. HERCULES and THE PRINCESS OF TROY (1964-USA) COLOR. With GORDON SCOTT, DIANA HYLAND. Narrated by EVERETT SLOANE. Once upon a time in ancient Troy, the lighting of a sacred flame signals that a group of the city’s most renown citizens must gather by a beach. Among them are Trojan royalty: Princess Diana, a maiden who soon will be old enough to become the city’s queen; and Petra, her uncle and Troy’s king. While most of their fellow citizens hide in safety behind the city walls, they are forced to stand by helplessly as a high priest requests that a young virgin fulfill her destiny and be presented as an offering to a hideous sea monster. All of the Trojans believe that this sacrifice will satisfy the monster’s appetite and keep it at sea and away from the city. A brave young combatant named Ortag offers to single-handedly take on the monster and break the spell which darkens the lives of his fellow Trojans. However, he falls victim to the monster’s power and is quickly devoured right in front of Diana, Petra and the others. Meanwhile, sailing the seas on the ship Olympia are a group of strong and free warriors. They include Ulysses, stalwart son of the King of Thebes; Diogenes, the fabled philosopher, scientist and skeptic; and the mighty Hercules, born of a mortal woman but fathered by Zeus, king of the gods. This trio is destined to come to the rescue of Troy by going into battle against the dreaded monster. They set out to accomplish this most formidable task, and what follows is a thrill-packed action-adventure. 47 minutes. Sword and Sandal