Hercules Unchained

2304. HERCULES UNCHAINED (1960-ltaly-France). COLOR. With STEVE REEVES, SYLVA KOSCINA, PRIMO CARNERA. Back in the late 1950s, hunky Steve Reeves (a Montana-born former Mr. Universe) created a worldwide sensation playing Hercules in a series of Italian-made epics. This mythological hero might be dubbed the original “Man Of Steel.” He losses boulders as if they are pebĂ‚bles and bends the heaviest pieces of metal as if they are strings of spaghetti. This action-packed adventure opens in the part of ancient Greece that is Hercules’ homeland. Our hero returns there with his bride Jole, With Ulysses, son of Laertes the restless ruler of Ithaca, he and Jole set out on a journey to the city of Thebes. Along the way Hercules battles a giant (played by ex-heavyweight boxing champ Primo Camera). Soon he is attempting to thwart a war between two brothers vying for the same throne. He loses his memory and comes under the spell of the beautiful but thoroughly evil Omphale, Queen of Lydia. Omphale’s lovers each have met a most horrible fate. They have ended up being stuffed and mounted by this dastardly dame! Will Hercules (despite being a newly married man) somehow end up under the queen’s seductive spell? Dubbed into English. 96 minutes. Sword and Sandal