Hi De Ho

2350. HI DE HO (1947-USA). With Cab Calloway and Hs Orchestra, Jeni le Gon, Ida James. Effervescent Mr. Calloway is one Of the most celebrated and cherished Of all 20th-century Negro entertainers. He gets to strut his stuff in this finger-popping all-black-cast musical-drama which from start to finish bears the unmistakable stamp Of his personality. He essentially plays himÂself: a bandleader-singer-dancer named Cab who is given a shot at fame when his pretty new manÂager Nettie arranges an audition at the Brass Hat Club. Even though Cab’s relationship with Nettie is strictly business, his gal Minnie the Moocher (Jeni Le Gon, Offering a wildly over-the-top perforÂmance) is intimidated by her presence. ÒIÕll see you dead before IÕll let anyone take you from me,” Minnie promises Cab. She promptly pays a visit to Boss Mason, a racketeer who operates a rival nightspot. Her goal is to convince Mason to rub out Cab, setting Off a slew Of plot complications and fireworks. The film primarily serves as a showcase for Calloway and his orchestra. Their music is practically non-stop and they sparkle throughout with Cab at his best performing the title song and “St. James Infirmary Blues.” Another melodic highlight: the imaginative “musical marriage” at the finale. 63 minutes. ÒAll BlackÓ Musical