His First Flame

1051. HIS FIRST FLAME (1926-USA). With HARRY LANGDON, VERNON DENT, NATALIE KINGSTON, story by ARTHUR RIPLEY and FRANKCAPRA. Produced by MACK SE N NETT. They say love is the only fire against which there’s no insurance.” That’s what our hapless hero, Harry Howells (Harry Langdon), learns when he runs into trouble with two kinds Of “flames’-women and real fires! His uncle, a fire chief whose wedding bells had been false alarms,” warns Harry to avoid women at all costs. He may be right! Harry’s beloved fiancŽe turns out to be a scheming fortune- hunter. Harry also finds out about the hazards Of married life when he spends an evening with a couple who continuously beat each other up. Trying his hand at something less dangerous-fire lighting-Harry is a one-man disaster. He almost sets fire to the firehouse itself, attempts a heroic rescue, only to find that he’s carrying a mannequin down the ladder, and, hoping to see better in the dark, smoke-filled room, lights a match! Producer Mack Sennett, co-writer Frank Capra and director Harry Edwards (who also made Langdon’s Tramp Tramp Tramp) come up with one inventive situation after another, including Harry’s efforts to grab a ring that’s stuck to a woman’s shoe- and ending up holding a false leg-and his run-in with a female shoplifter, who steals his clothing, forcing him to hitch hike in drag! Langdon, the baby-faced comic genius, shows his expertise in timing, especially his lingering double, and triple takes. Watch out: the flames Of this incandescent comedy may be too hot to extinguish! Silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 62 minutes, ÒSilentÓ Comedy