His Majesty The American

2155. HIS MAJESTY THE AMERICAN (1919-uSA). With Douglas Fairbanks. Douglas starts the picture by crashing through the titles to announce this as the first picture by the newly formed United Artists. Before becoming the silent cinema’s greatest swashbuckling hero, Douglas Fairbanks was famous for playing enterprising Americans who tackled any situation with optimism and pluck. He stars in this action-packed adventure as devil-may-care millionaire William Brook Brooks is described as a “Fire-eating, Speed-loving, Space-annihilating, Excitement-hunting, The Hound” who “chased excitement and thrills from one end of the world to the other.” He is a member of the New York City police AND fire departments, and he rescues victims from tenement blazing fires and captures a desperate criminal. This is just for openers! Wait until you see what happens when he heads down Mexico way in search of adventure and crosses paths with Pancho Villa. Wait until you see what happens when he heads for the European kingdom of Alaine, where the crux of the story is set. Assassination and chaos have become the order of the day in Alaine, where “agitating demagogues have changed a peace-loving people into a rioting succession of mobs.” Brooks is destined to have quite an impact on the goings-on in Alaine. He also is to learn a great secret about himself and his past! Whenever Fairbanks is on camera there is no short supply of wit and good laughs in addition to his renowned physical exploits. He is seen here effortlessly scaling the sides of buildings and the like: derring-do which is just awe-inspiring today as back in 1919. One of the photographers is VICTOR FLEMING, who was to go on to become an Academy Award-winning director. “Silent” film with music score. 97 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Adventure