His Royal Slyness; Haunted Spooks

737. HIS ROYAL SLYNESS and HAUNTED SPOOKS (1919,1920-USA). TWO TWO-reel silent comedies with HAROLD LLOYD.
1. HIS ROYAL SLYNESS (1919). With HAROLD LLOYD, MILDRED DAVIS, HARRY POLIARD. A visit to the little kingdom Of Thermosa, adjoining the Isle Of Roquefort and the coast Of Razzmatazz. Ifs the old look-alike game, as a young book salesman, the spitting image Of the young prince, is coerced into leavÂing America for the intrigue-ridden court Of Thermosa (the scene with two Harold Lloyds is remarkable). Lloyd’s black horn-rimmed glasses and portrayal Of the average dean cut American youth wins the day, even after the real Prince returns to claim his throne. What a fine lad is Mr. Lloyd – after his success in getting the telephone number Of a lovely court page, he ingeniously tries the same patter on the Queen – and by golly it works! The whole film works in fact, right down to the Hollywood happy ending.
2. HAUNTED SPOOKS (1920). With HAROLD LLOYD, MILDRED DAVIS, HARRY POLLARD. “The time – too late for snowballs and too early for June roses. The place -go down the Mississippi River several miles and turn to the right.” “A Southern gentleman has just died for the first time. His estate goes to his grand-daughter and her husband, providing they live in the family mansion for one year, otherwise the whole works goes to the girl’s uncle. To make it more difficult, she has no husband, ex or expected. ThatÕs where the boy grabs Off a handful Of our plot. Now then, everybody hold on tight, we’re going around a curve.” That’s enough story description for you…it’s the artistic madness Of Harold Lloyd at work. It was during the filming Of “Haunted Spooks” that Harold Lloyd’s hand was injured by an exploding prop bomb, causing the loss Of two fingers and paralysis Of his right hand, but not slowing down his acrobatic abilities or his romance with Mildred Davis, who not only co-starred in these two-reelers, but became Mrs. Lloyd in 1923! “Silent” films with music score, correct projection speed, 68 minutes total. Note: Both these films also appear as cat. #2843. ÒSilentÓ Comedies