Hollywood After Dark; Walk The Angry Beach

2687. HOLLYWOOD AFTER DARK (1969-USA). With RUE MCCLANAHAN. Hollywood is not all glitter. It is not all glamorous movie stars and gala premieres and swanky nightspots. There is a seamy side to life in Tinseltown. It is a world populated by has-beens and never- weres and those who are never-gonna-be. Several such characters may be found in this revealing drama. The first is Tony, who toils in an auto graveyard where he sells used car parts for the price of bus fare. He falls for Sandy Smith, an aspiring actress who works as a stripper in a burlesque club. Tony meets Sandy after he is recruited by her boss and his psycho underling to assist them in a daring heist. However, what makes the film so memorable is its depiction of the various Tinseltown types. There is the white-haired classical actor seen briefly at the beginning. He is employed as a lowly movie extra, and he prides himself in knowing that his is at least the most distinctive face in the crowd. There is the fast- talking “writer” who attempts to seduce Sandy by promising her a role in his latest “production.” Then, there is Sandy herself: an ambitious young woman who knows she has a special talent, but cannot get past the movie studio gates. She has no choice but to degrade herself by working as a stripper as she grasps for dear life onto her dreams. Most interesting of all, Sandy is played by a very young star-to-be named Rue McClanahan! Not only does she give a fine performance, but she looks great in the skimpiest of bikinis (as well as when she struts her stuff on stage). After watching McClanahan act here, you will see why she was destined to go on to stardom. 66 minutes. Drama