Holt Of The Secret Service

175. HOLT OF THE SECRET SERVICE (1941-USA). I5 Episode Columbia Serial. With JACK HOLT, EVELYN BRENT, MONTAGUE SHAW, TRISTRAM COFFIN. ‘The Men of the Secret Service are front tine soldiers in the never ending war against crime. Standing not only between the Chief Executive and an assassin’s bullet, but between the nation’s currency and the vicious criminals who would despoil it, the Men of the Secret Service deserve our gratitude as well as our respect. Yet, too often their reward isÑDeath!” When a gang of brilliantly fiendish counterfeiters force a kidnapped treasury agent into making priceless engravings, super agent Jack Holt and his tough female partner attempt to discover the criminal mastermind’s identity and stop his insidious activities. Constantly risking exposure and death, they daringly infiltrate the enemy’s secret mountainside headquarters and his treacherous gambling ship. Exciting car crashes, gun battles, fistfights, even mutinies, and an unusual climax on a dangerous island ruled by a greedy, brutal dictatorÑwho manipulates the wild natives into waging war on secret agents! Can Holt escape the raging rapids, the plunges off cliffs, the fiery crashes, the exploding buildings, the hazardous jungle, and the deadly aim of a firing squad? Can the vile enemies of the USA ever be stopped? And why does Jack Holt walk through this serial with the posture of a gorilla? You’ll find the answers to some of these questions in this cleverly woven, action-filled, just barely pre-war tale of intrigue, adventure and cliff-hanging suspense! 280 minutes. Serial