Home In Oklahoma

3008. HOME IN OKLAHOMA (1946-USA). With ROY ROGERS, TRIGGER, GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES, DALE EVANS, BOB NOLAN and THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS. The king of the Saturday matinee cowboys stars in one of his better western adventures. Small-town newspaperman Roy is present for the reading of the will of cattle rancher Sam Talbot. While it is thought that Talbot was accidentally killed when he was thrown from his horse, Roy finds a hidden piece of evidence which indicates that the rancher actually might have been murdered! Unfortunately, the data also is spoiled by Connie Edwards, a brash big-city journalist who is on hand to write a piece about the Talbot ranch. Connie assures Roy that she will keep the evidence a secret while they investigate Talbot’s death. Nonetheless, she double-crosses Roy and reports the story in her newspaper. To make matters worse, the local sheriff reads Connie’s article and demands to know her source. When she refuses to reveal this information, he promptly throws her into jail! That is only the beginning of the danger and excitement as Roy and Connie play super-sleuths to solve the mystery of Sam Talbot’s death. 53 minutes. Western