Home Of The Brave

2444. HOME OF THE BRAVE (1949-USA). WITH JAMES EDWARDS, LLOYO BRIDGES, FRANK LOVEJOY, JEFF COREY. Produced by STANLEY KRAMER. Music composed and conducted by DIMITRl TIOMKIN. Prior to the making of this landmark drama, blacks in Hollywood movies mostly were depicted as one-dimensional mammies and Pullman porters. This provocative and brilliantly acted film at once condemns racism and exposes its effect on the human spirit. The main character may be black, but he is no shuffling stereotype. Rather, he is a man who can take only so much psychological abuse from those who will label him as being less than human solely because of the color of his skin. The scenario is set during World War II and involves a black GI named Moss, who has become afflicted with partial amnesia and complete paralysis below his hips. He had volunteered for a top secret mission on a Japanese-held island. Suffice to say, Moss’ condition does not result from trauma experienced against the enemy. The result is a bristling and revealing drama which entertains as it examines the evils of racism. It is a story which remains as relevant and provocative today as when it first played in movie theaters. A wonderful actor named James Edwards is cast as Moss. His looks and personality might have made him a major screen personality. However, in the early 1950s there was room for only one African’American movie star. That was Sidney Poitier. Edwards went on to play supporting roles, and died in 1970. By the way, the “Moss” character as depicted in the play upon which the film is based is a homosexual rather than an African-American! 86 minutes. War Drama