Home Town Story

2292. HOME TOWN STORY (1951-USA). WITH Jeffrey lynn, donald crisp, Marjorie REYNOLDS, ALAN HALE, JR., MARILYN MONROE. Just before she became the Number One sex symbol in America, Marilyn Monroe was featured to good advantage in this fascinating firm which accurately reflects the mood Of the nation during the early 1950s. It is the story Of Blake Washburn, an aggressive young man who has just been defeated in his bid for re-election to his state’s senate. “Politics is a funny thing,” a cab driver reminds him. Only Blake isn’t laughing. Blake promptly replaces his uncle as editor Of his home town newspaper and commences ruffling feathers by wildly attacking big business. The point Of the story is that people like Blake Washburn who criticize the system do so out Of anger, greed or vengeance. Blake is destined to be humbled into seeing how American businesses which earn high prOfits benefit all citizens. The film was made at a time when the United States was fearful Of Communist aggression; it works as an affirmation Of capitalism and American ideals, and the fact that in the end the voter always know what is best. Monroe is seen as Iris, the newspaper Office receptionist. She is only in a handful Of scenes, but she leaves an indelible impression. 61 minutes. Drama