Horror Chamber Of Dr. Faustus, The

2494. The Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus (Eyes Without a Face) (1960-France-Italy). With PIERRE BRASSEUR, ALIDA VALLI. Directed by GEORGES FRANJU. Here is an ultra-stylish horror film directed by master French filmmaker Georges Franju (famed for his ghastly matter-of-fact documentary ‘”Blood Of The Beasts,” see cat. #1514). He weaves the terror-filled tale of a brilliant professor-surgeon who is obsessed with the idea of restoring physical youth and beauty via the transplanting of human tissue. Until now, no human being could survive such treatment, but the professor has developed a method that will allow him to successfully execute this procedure. At the same time he has just experienced a deep personal tragedy. His once-beautiful daughter recently was badly disfigured in an auto accident. She disappeared after leaving the hospital where she was confined. Apparently, her corpse has been found in a lake. It is completely disfigured, with only the eyes remaining intact. The police rule her death a suicide, resulting from her despondency over the accident. However, is the daughter really dead? By coincidence, it so happens that another young woman also disappeared at the same time the professor’s daughter wandered off. Could these two events somehow be related? Find out in this tense, chilling thriller that is crammed wilh plot twists and surprises. You’ll especially enjoy the scene where a woman’s face is removed by a scalpel in “one flap of grotesque flesh.” Highly recommended. Dubbed in English. 84 minutes. Horror