House On Chelouche Street, The

980.THE HOUSE ON CHELOUCHE STREET (1973-Isreal). Color. A well thought-out story Of life in Tel Aviv under the rule Of the British, before the creation Of the country Of Israel. Told in terms Of Sami, the eldest son Of a young widow, the film shows the 15 year old boy slowly becoming a man. In a none- too-subtle parallel, the land too is seen striving for maturity. Sami gets his first job (and promptly loses it when a strike is called), finds his first love (and promptly loses her), and comes up against the harsh repression Of his people by the British. Set in a time when most Of the populace was recently arrived from somewhere else, “The House” sees happiness and tears, love and hale, the old and the new-Ñand through it all watches “Nisso,” a man dressed in black with a wry smite ever on his lips. A fine film by any standard, made more notable because Of the authentic flavor imparted by the vigor Of the new country. In Hebrew with English subtitles. 111 minutes. Drama