I Accuse My Parents

2395. I ACCUSE MY PARENTS (1944-usa). WITH mary beth hughes, robert lowell. Young jimmy Wilson is on trial for manslaughter. He refuses to defend himself and the judge is compelled to find him guilty. Just before sentencing Jimmy utters to the court, “I accuse my parÂents.” He exclaims that he does not believe his mother and father ever wanted offspring because of their complete disinterest in child-rearing. His father would stay out all night and gamble. His mothÂer would drink. When they were together his parents either would squabble like spoiled children or party like careless teens. Despite all this he grows into a nice kid who does well in school and is admired by his teachers, Jimmy pens a prize-winning essay in which he describes the importance of a close-knit family, but is mortified when his mother shows up at a school function reeking of liquor. As a result he quits school and takes a job as a shoe salesman, at which point he meets and falls for pretty but tainted nightclub singer Kitty Reed. “You’re so sweet,” she tells him. “I wouldn’t want you to change.” However, Kitty is unaware of Jimmy’s troubles. Nor does Jimmy know that Kitty’s boss is a jealous and manipulative crook who only will lead him astray. This perceptive and entertaining drama offers a point of view regarding parental responsibility which is as relevant today as in 1944. 67 minutes. Drama