If I Were Rich; Cash; For Love Of Money

1436. IF I WERE RICH (Cash) (For Love Of Money) (1933-engiand). With ROBERT DONAT, WENDY BARÂRIE, edmUND G WENN. Directed by ZOLTAN KORDA. Dapper, dashing Robert Donat was featured in far too few films-all Of 19 titles-during his 53 years, and this is his third. He was a superb actor, who added class and distinction to any film in which he appeared. This is a clever, ever so typically British comedy with an ideal Depression-era theme: how to go about one’s life-and avoid paying one’s billsÑwhile awaiting the inevitable return to prosperity. Donat stars as a young fellowÑ once a member Of the idle rich, but now one Of the new, working poorÑwho meets and falls for pretty Wendy Barrie. She’s the daughter Of a bankrupt “businessman” (the always amusing Edmund G Wenn), a conniver who’s cooking up a scheme-the “biggest proposition Of the century”Ñthat will keep him out Of the poor- house and allow him to maintain his luxurious lifestyle. Donat first arrives on the scene to turn Off Gwenn’s electriÂcal power. After one look at Barrie, though, there’s a different kind Of electricity present-one that has nothing to do with turning on and Off lights. 63 minutes. Comedy